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Join us July 2nd for our 12th Anniversary Celebration

We plan to have a full supply of Yogurt; regular and Greek, curds, quark, Vla, (ready to eat custard) also Goat Chèvre and Chèvre crumbles! Fantastic selection of cheese, both Cow and Goats milk, and our grocery section with all the canned vegetables, cookies, candy, soup mixes and so much more. Come join us on Saturday July 2nd for our 12th Anniversary celebrations and enjoy shopping at our delightful selection of vendor tables, have a fabulous lunch at one of the food trucks, pick up some of Tanja’s delicious baking, and purchase a variety of dairy products in the Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese shop.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday! 5787 Lickman Road, Chilliwack, BC.

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