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by: allison spurrell
Highlighting one of BC's many artisan cheesemakers

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The Gouda made by Ron and Stephanie (with help from their 4 daughters, I’m sure), is a great example of a farmstead cheese. When you try large production Medium Aged Gouda, it tends to have a homogenous texture to it. The Gouda that the Smits make has a nice firm texture with a slightly open paste and small holes throughout. The taste is pleasantly sharp with a finish of dry hay. The cheese leaves a lovely rich taste on your palate; I’m sure this is a great indication of the quality of the milk, and the happiness of the cows.

Smits Cheeses Co.W Gouda Cheese wheels


 Our cheese is aged to perfectionon on pine boards.

Gouda Flavours

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Most of our products at Smits & Co.w are made with milk from our own cows raised on the farm. This ensures the best animal care and dairy products possible. We take pride in producing an all-natural product. Our milk is pasteurized, not homogenized, has no chemicals,  preservatives or artificial coloring. We produce a variety of delicious herbed and spiced wheels of Gouda as well as traditional plain, delicious Swiss Emmental, Water Buffalo Mozzarella, goat and cow Feta.

Aged Gouda.jpg


This Gouda cheese is aged for at least 12 months! It’s a firm Gouda with a slight crystalline texture signifying a flavourful and well-aged cheese. The calcium lactate crystals are a natural part of the aging process and add to the rich character of this special Gouda. It possesses a delicious, rich, salty, nutty flavour. Pairs well with imperial stouts and Belgian style quadruples or aged whiskey.



Allium ursinum

This Gouda cheese is for the garlic lover! It’s called Bear Garlic. This savory cheese derives its’ name from a broadleaf garlic that grows in the damp woodlands of Europe and Asia. It’s a bulbous, flowering perennial plant related to the Amaryllis. Often called, “wild garlic,” its’ flavour is wonderfully sharp, with a creamy, buttery softness that melts in your mouth. Use it as a pizza topping, or on your favourite sandwich.  This special Gouda also pairs well with pickled vegetables and cured meats. Enjoy with a loud fruity Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. 


Basil Cheese wheel.jpg


The name speaks for itself. This soft creamy Gouda has a mild basil flavour throughout. Fantastic on sandwiches, pizza, crackers, paired with wine or all on it’s own. Use your Goudanation!

Basil 2.png

Ocimum basilicum

Cumin 2.png

Cuminum cyminum​

Gouda things come to those who wait! This gem of cheeses has been aged 3 years! Its’ delicious hard texture is slightly dry, with a deep richness characteristic of well aged Gouda with cumin throughout. It shaves off effortlessly with a cheese slicer into tasty thin slices. This glorious cheese pairs well with beer that has roasted coffee, nutty caramel, and chocolate notes like brown or amber ales; a delicious accompaniment to your next charcuterie board.

Cumin Gouda.jpg


Fenugreek Cheese.jpg


This delicious creamy Gouda, has a nutty, earthy flavour characteristic of fenugreek, with a sweet hint of real Canadian maple syrup. Tantalize your tastebuds!

Trigonella foenum-graecum

Syzygium aromaticum

Clove Gouda, AKA “Nagelkaas” which translates into "nail cheese," a reference to the cloves, which are often left whole to resemble nails pounded into the wedge, originated in the Frisian Islands of the northeast Netherlands. It’s a firm textured Gouda known and loved for its bold spicy, sharp, and distinct taste. Easily sliced or cubed, this cheese is well accompanied with fresh fruit like melons, apples, apricots, peaches, plums and cherries. Or enjoy it on your favourite rustic sourdough or rye bread paired with a BC VQA Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir or Rose. Deliciousness!

Clove Gouda.jpg


Italian & Greek

Gouda with Italian spices.jpg


Reminiscent of Italy, a mild, soft, creamy Gouda with a delicious blend of sun-dried tomatoes, paprika, garlic, onion, basil, thyme, and pepper. It melts creamy and lends itself well on pizza, casseroles, shredded on pasta, or simply as an appetizer. It’s just as tasty on its own, with a glass of wine or your evening tea. It’s wonderfully Smitslicious! 

Italian piant splash.png
Greek Flag Paint brush.png

The flavours of Greece in an aged Gouda with tastes of onion, paprika, parsley, pepper, thyme, oregano, coriander, and cumin.  It’s a semi-hard cheese with savoury, warm flavours reminiscent of the Mediterranean. This Gouda accompanies well with pine nuts, pecans and dried fruit like figs, dates and apricots. Enjoy it sliced on a BC beef burger paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon, or Bordeaux! Over the fence fantastic!

Aged Greek Gouda.jpg


Goat Milk Flavours

cracked black ground peppers.jpg


Our smoked black pepper Gouda is creamy, smoky, mild, and melts in your mouth! It’s flavoured with black pepper to stimulate your tastebuds. 

More Flavours to come!

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